Bali ‘Total Transformation’ Health Retreat

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Natural Instinct Healing are now offering our clients the “Rolls Royce” of fasting, detox, and healthy food experiences with our Total Transformation program in Bali.

Our 14-Day Total Transformation Retreat is a combination of a two-day pre-fast alkaline liquid Feel aLIVE Super Food Cleanse, followed by our ten-day fasting program, finishing with another two-day post-fast liquid Super Food re-integration.

The retreat is a truly transformational holistic body and mind experience; incorporating two days of pre-fast cleansing to ease the body into the experience, an amazing 10-day fasting detox program, followed by a further two days of delicious super food integration. The result? A program that transforms lives by taking a 14-day health and healing journey embracing the healing process through body, mind, heart and soul discovery.

Rejuvenation, relaxation, rest and repair is what this nurturing program is all about – allowing you to nurture your mind, body and soul by following a healthy detox diet, fasting, and creating a sacred space for you to become still and go within. It is about nurturing all parts of your being and giving your mind and body a rest by taking time out to meditate, process and heal all parts of that wonderful person that is you.

Total Transformation initially incorporates a healthy pre-fast alkalizing diet to prepare your body for detox fasting. Synergistically combined with a fasting detox incorporating yoga, meditation, steam and sauna, restorative and healing treatments with our practitioners and all the support and freedom you desire, this program is a perfect tool to counteract the stresses of a busy and hectic lifestyle. The final two days of the retreat gently reintroduce your body (and mind!) back into a healthy and healing space through organic raw super live food and super supplement elixirs and smoothies.

The cleansing effects of a healthy diet and fasting in conjunction with spiritual and emotional support allows you to discover, uncover and reveal parts of who you are in a peaceful and healing environment. It is the perfect retreat if you are looking for a thorough cleanse or have been through emotional or physical stress – as we incorporate practical workshops, a fasting detox, and rebuilding your vitality. The Total Transformation allows you to reconnect, rejuvenate and heal – just like someone giving you a big warm hug this journey is all about nurturing yourself.


Bali ‘Total Transformation’ Health Retreat


Bali ‘Total Transformation’ Health Retreat
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Bali ‘Total Transformation’ Health Retreat

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